Al Thiqa Pharmacy’s Role in Raising Health Awareness

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Al Thiqa Pharmacy’s Role in Raising Health Awareness

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At Al-Thiqa Pharmacy, we believe that pharmacists are the first line in the healthcare system since they may be reached at any moment. Pharmacists explain everything related to medicine, such as the method of administration and the doses when dispensing medicines. Also, Patients’ commitment to medicine increases when the pharmacist is part of the healthcare system; hence, we work hard to raise health awareness and improve the healthcare system.

Therefore, at Al-Thiqa pharmacy we offer you:

Pharmaceutical care you trust

We do this by doing the following:

  • Patient care and explanation of dose and route of administration.
  • Patient education, including informing the patient about the drug’s precautions and, if necessary, clarifying any potential side effects.
  • Collecting information on all medications, particularly novel medicines, and sharing this information as needed to encourage rational drug use.
  • Participate in health awareness campaigns on a wide range of health-related topics, especially about common diseases such as diarrhea and vitamin D deficiency, by providing coloring books in the form of stories for kids.
  • Dispense the proper medicines for minor diseases. Pharmacists dispense OTC drugs with the recommendation that the patient visits a doctor if the symptoms last for more than a few days. They may also recommend to consulting the doctor right away.

At Al thiqa pharmacy

Al-Thiqa Pharmacy pharmacists are continuously striving to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, with the drive and passion to help people and save lives. Their job is also linked to community service and making a positive difference in people’s lives, by:

  • Ensuring patients’ safety by warning them against long-term drug usage and referring them to a doctor to treat the underlying cause.
  • Help patients in preventing complications. For example, they advise diabetics to check their feet regularly to help prevent serious foot problems.
  • Play an important part in the management of diseases symptoms. Pharmacists may recommend healthy lifestyle changes and advise asthma patients on proper inhaler use.
  • Remind monthly treatment plan participants to purchase their prescriptions.
  • Pharmacists encourage people to see a doctor if necessary.

Remember that not all superheroes must wear a red cape like Superman; you might save countless lives by doing something as easy as working as a pharmacist in Al thiqa pharmacy.

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